Mission: Impossible 6


That is shocking! Good for him


Something to this Scientology?


Say what?


Personally, I think he has one of these in his attic:



In his case itd be a poster for Cocktail, but yeah.


The basic ground work would be simple: I suppose Cruise is doing on average four to five hundred pushups and six hundred crunches each day. Plus an hour of running or some other cardio stuff. No, that alone doesn’t get you this physique at 55, not if you start at 52 - but it goes a long way when you started out at 30 and kept at it rigorously each day.

Cruise is a wiry guy and has been since his youth. Somewhere in this thread we compared him to Moore and that’s a very different character from an entirely different age.

The facial features though are very probably not just due to favourable DNA. But again, it helps the cosmetic surgeon a lot if the basic parameters suit…



I guess the time of Bond offering the supreme stunts and action was over in the 80´s, with Indiana Jones and Lethal Weapon upping the ante considerably.

It might be no surprise that EON tried to keep up with the competitors during the 90´s in the Brosnan era but then decided to leave that game to the balls-to-the-walls action blockbusters and focus more on Bond himself.

There is no point in trying to outdo Cruise´s devil-may-care real stunts. Of course, there still has to be pulse-quickening action, the certain type of “no, you wouldn’t do this… oh, you are!”-Bond swagger.

But I certainly hope that EON will set Bond apart from M:I by NOT surrounding him with a team and instead concentrating on Bond doing what he does best on his own.


Considering the quality of that film, I concur!!!


97% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes:


The reviews are incredible, and I believe what they’re saying.


Only the BBC, the Financial Times and Slant (whoever they are) were a bit sniffy.

The other 94 reviews couldn’t get enough of the film.

Well done to that film crew!


From what I’ve seen of Cavill’s performance in MI: Fallout, this sounds like a natural pairing, as McQuarrie’s script/direction does seem to bring out the best in HC as an actor - which is exactly what you want in a director/lead relationship.


McQuarrie is one of the best writer-directors working. He would be capable of making a fantastic Superman film.

And a fantastic Bond film, by the way.


I’d rather he make a Superman film. That franchise needs a crowd pleasing entry.



So what’s the feeling? Could it come back round again? He was the no.2 choice for Casino Royale, very much at a point where both candidates were so good that they had to start on “why not?”

Does a certain kryptonian help or hinder?


The headline of that link is misleading, of course, since Cavill does not actually say this role could help him land the Bond role.

But still, Cavill has the advantage of being chosen before to be a contender (and only lost out because he was too young and did not have the edge of Craig). He has the disadvantage, however, of being Superman right now, and that would certainly be in the way of him becoming Bond.

I could imagine, however, with all the turmoil surrounding the DC universe (and Affleck most likely departing as Batman) that a complete reboot of those films is imminent. That would free Cavill to follow Craig.

Personally, I would love to see him do Bond.


I could see that happening as well. I still would rather see Friend take on Bond than Cavill, but I’ve warmed quite a bit to the idea of Cavill as Bond. I would be even more in favor of it if he were to bring McQuarrie with him to the franchise. I’d be much more excited about a McQuarrie Bond film than a Nolan one at this point. Much more excited.


Question is: is Cavill really being identified with Superman? I’ve seen two films with him but I dare not judge whether he’s now Superman’s ‘face’ or not. If they should really pull the plug on the DC run and restart that franchise I don’t currently think audiences would not quickly get over it - especially if the direction is less gravitas-laden.

On the studio side Cavill could be an ideal successor to Craig: he’s a known quantity, popular but not overly expensive yet. He’s been in the running before and would no doubt agree to a tighter production schedule.

That might be a convincing case for Cavill - provided no other contender has taken the lead in the meantime…


Well, yes, was clearly the “journalist” wanting a click bait headline with a pointed question, but I felt it was a good point to raise as, if anything, he does look to be a better fit for Bond now than he did in 05, and even then, like Cambell has said a few times, it was only when they needed something to break a tie that Craig beat him. Given Dalton and Brosnan aged into the role, as it were, I could see Cavill getting a second opportunity for it.


That does slightly hinge on MGM learning how to negotiate before Bond 26, given they’ve been somehow taken by surprise at how long it takes three times in the last 20 years.