Mission: Impossible 6


Over on the Nerdist, they have a feature called Talkin’ Toons, where voice actors will perform a movie scene using voices from cartoons. In the most recent video, they did the beginning scene of Mission: Impossible III, with Cow (from Cow & Chicken) as Ethan Hunt and Carl (from Jimmy Neutron) as Owen Davian. It’s one of the stranger things I’ve seen related to Mission: Impossible, but as someone who watched both of those cartoons and the Mission: Impossible movies, it was a really funny crossover.


I’ve never heard of this site before, but it’s posting rumors that we may get a trailer for M:I-6 during the Super Bowl


Excellent! :sunglasses:


Some more set photos and videos:

Looks like Tom’s recovered quite well if he’s doing all that running.


They should probably stop using London so much, but I think Cruise must actually like it here! I enjoy it anyway.

Can’t wait for this film.


Apparently Cruise is on the Graham Norton show in the next week or so. Daresay the ankle story will pop up.

Like you, I too am looking forward to this film and even more so following the intelligence and excitement of the one preceding this, Rogue Nation.


Good to see his ankle is all better!! Mission Impossible 6 is going to be fun I think. A good appetizer to Bond 25 in 2019.


… and hopefully not the better Bond film.


Indeed, secretagentfan! Makes me glad as I said in an earlier post, that MI6 and Bond 25 are NOT being released the same year.


There isn’t a Mission Impossible film I’ve disliked. I think Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation are the best two, followed by the original, MI3 and MI2. There’s a strong chance MI6 will be good as well.


Seems actually, a good percentage of the cast are on Graham Norton next week. Cruise, Pegg and Cavill.

Strange that there is so much advance publicity for a film still six months away. Wonder if there may be some footage they wish to air.


Indeed, that’s strangely early for the publicity tour…


Does anyone know if this is a still from the film?


Looks like it, with the mustache and all…

I have a hunch with the Super Bowl coming up that we’ll see a teaser then


If this is a still from the film I believe it’s the first HD still we’ve gotten (the rest of the pictures have been courtesy of the director’s instagram feed). Hopefully a sign of an incoming teaser. I believe Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson will all be on Graham Norton next week. Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of some footage then.


For those of us not in the UK, is there a way to watch this? Also, does anyone know what date they’ll be on?


Any cable or streaming service with BBC America. It usually shows up on YouTube, too.


YouTube would be best. Only thing is, they usually chop out any of the clips from the interview elements.


Checking on the BBC website, it looks like this will air on Friday, the 26th. Something to look forward to!


Currently in London, a section of the Strand near the Savoy (where I was having lunch) was blocked up and the word from my server was that it was MI-6. Noticed a lot of starwagon trailers down from the hotel.