Mission: Impossible 6


Love that title. And the storyline really seems to tie things together in a way SPECTRE never could.

The helicopter photo is a bit meh for me since it looks like a redo of the plane stunt instead of trying something new. But I´ll wait for the movie. Apart from John Woo´s installment which I never could enjoy all the other films in this franchise were wonderful entertainment, never trying to be something weightier.


I too was a bit concerned with the helicopter stunt being too similar to the SPECTRE stunt from Mexico City, but we’ll see… as for the title, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT…it’s a :thinking: for me…neither like or hate it. Oh well, we’ll most likely get our first trailer on Super Bowl Sunday in just over a week’s time…then we’ll be able to get a proper taste…



Some interesting tidbits here… Tom’s ankle is still broken but they’re having to continue with filming since the release date is locked…

  • Possible slight spoiler about the nature of Henry Cavil’s character.

  • Rebecca Ferguson found time to get pregnant during the time off after Cruise’s accident… lol!

  • The title “Fallout” will have meaning to what happened as a result of the previous films plots.



Crazy that Tom Cruise has been playing Ethan Hunt for as long as he has. He still looks great!


So no official footage from Graham Norton, but there was footage of when Tom Cruise broke his ankle:

Apparently some of these shots will be in the movie, so technically it’s new film footage?


Grief, the ankle did break at a god awful angle. If still broken though, how on earth did he manage the run across the Thames bridge a couple of weeks back?


I admit the tie in’s for SPECTRE feel forced in and a few are meaningless. I think the difference between the Impossible films and Bond is that the Impossible writers actually take time to craft something solid out, where as the Bond writers somewhat seem to rush a plot together.


That’s highly dependent on which films you’re comparing…


Bad attempt to make similarities between Spectre and Rouge Nation.


I believe McQuarrie, as writer AND director, has much more freedom than P&W who always have to bow to EON and the directors. That’s why the unity of vision is so important: it yields better results.

P&W actually had a very consistent follow-up idea for QOS - but Marc Foster kicked it all away. Mendes also did what he wanted.

EON should go for directors who also write their script. So… damn, that would also mean Nolan.


I agree completely.

But it also helps if the writer is better and imho McQuarrie is a far superior writer to P&W in everything from plotting to dialogue.

Back to writer/directors another one who consistently delivers is Shane Black.


A Shane Black Bond film? I don’t mind that idea at all.


I’ve been vocal about it for a while here, but your the first to endorse it…




Very nice!


I like Black´s work. But I wonder if he is not too American and cool for Bond. The right amount of Britishness can’t be faked.


You’re absolutely right about Black being perhaps too American and Bond needing that Britishness…

And yet the thought of him doing Bond really does interest me. He’s such a great talent that I think he’d get exactly what a Bond movie is and get it just right.

But I understand the reservations.

Time for a new Clouseau movie :wink:


Cruise talking about the whole helicopter sequence and showing pictures of other parts of it made me reappreciate the photo.

And Cruise stating that this will be the action film with the most physical stunts - no CGI - I am on the one hand thrilled, on the other hand sad (because this is what Bond films used to excel in).


The motorbike chase in Rogue Nation is one of the best action sequences ever, in my opinion. So much excitement…it really got my pulse racing.


Another new still from the film. The mirrors are giving me a Man with the Golden Gun vibe.