Mission: Impossible 6


I know that there were rumors that Jeremy Renner was being groomed to take over the series but I think they should consider making Rebecca Ferguson team leader and let her be the face of the franchise.


That’s exactly how I feel.


Part of me very much hoped the MI films would grow into a true team/ensemble effort. And up to a point they did. But the feeling is still very different, they are largely Cruise films with an excellent supporting cast. And for many fans that’s no doubt just their appeal.

So where to go with it after Cruise, provided he doesn’t stick around?

I’d welcome to see them pick up an entirely new team. And, rather than the standard six pack of characters from CIA’s Agents-R-Us shelves, I’d like them to be mostly civilians chosen for respective expertise, access or talent, the way the original show played it. Other than that, I’d be totally open for whatever they throw at us - as long as it’s entertaining.


Absolutely - these films are Cruise´s show. Take him out and the whole thing would have to be re-tooled. If it became a team effort I would love that, too.




It’s the first time I see footage of Cruise’s injury, extremely painful and uncomfortable. Some years ago I had a similar accident - took a step with my ankle instead of my foot - and it took months before I could run again, even though nothing had been broken. Respect, Mr Cruise…


We’re cooking with gas now folks! Teaser poster:


Nice footage, loving the poster. This is first I’ve seen of the injury. -cringes- I’ve twisted my ankle and it’s no fun. Hobbled for a week the last time. This is beyond. Back when I was training in TKD, I was prepping for my final test for my red belt (the last before black) and practicing my last pattern of 46 movements one morning on wet grass, I came down from a sideways flying side kick, planted my left heel and slid out into an unexpected split coming down hard. How I did not tear my hamstring is only luck. The back of my right leg was black for a week. It was another five weeks before I gained my red belt and went on to training for my black.

My injury could have been worse, required surgery and only affected my time and schedule. Cruise recovering from this and pressing on is nothing short of incredible. Can’t wait to see the full trailer.


While I would certainly be down for an M:I series in the future that focuses on the team aspect in the way the TV series and the opening of the first M:I film did, I would have to admit to being one of those who goes to these films because it’s Tom Cruise. I think if you put someone else in the lead here (i.e. Jeremy Renner, as was often rumored), I can’t imagine that I’d have the same interest.

And, wow, that poster is amazing. Might have to get that one up on my wall. Fantastic.


That poster reminds me of my old fan art for Spectre.


I’m at the moment not sure any of the supporting team would be the right choice for taking over from Cruise. Renner was not introduced the right way, his ‘mystery’ solved by the end of his first MI film…I think his character just wasn’t all that interesting. A bit too clichéed (former agent/special forces with a chip on the shoulder for a botched mission) and too streamlined to be exciting. Okay, Ethan Hunt is not so different - but then he’s basically Cruise doing the last big circus act in the show bizz.

Ironically, Renner’s other big role, Avengers’ Hawkeye, seems likewise not overwhelmingly interesting. I struggle to imagine that character in his own film/show. Or even an adaptation of that Hawkeye-at-home comic. Renner, though I like him, just doesn’t seem the guy to pull a story on his own.

Or maybe he just has yet to find the right role.

Anyway, if MI ever became a team effort again it would need an approach independent from the Cruise films.


I’d personally put my money on Cruise staying on these films for a good while longer. He’s got 20 years on Harrison Ford and Ford will be doing another Indy in a few years. Fine with me too the man is goofy but does a fine job with these films…


I agree that Tom could theoretically stay on for a few more years. Look at how believable Connery was in The Rock. If the scripts were to scale back some of the physical derring do and let him take on more of the team mentor role I think it might work. Then, as he ages, make some smart casting choices for the surrounding team and let them take on more increasingly physical roles around him while he’s still clearly in charge and calling the shots as the team leader. I think that could work for another decade at least.


Okay, this is looking seriously awesome.


Absolutely. Renner just does not have that movie star charisma to carry a film alone.

And Cruise will hold this franchise (the only one to actually guarantee him success) as long as he can.

Strange, in the 90´s I never would have thought that these films would still go on with their fun gung-ho mind set while Bond films were only released in a stop and go-pattern, sulking and brooding in their attitude.


Well, it took some time for MI to find its pace and tone - or rather it took audiences a bit to acquire the taste. To me the biggest step was JJ Abrams giving it that largely unpretentious approach of his Alias tv series. By that time people liked that MI just refused to go away, although nobody had counted on it to return. And with Bond moving in a certain direction MI found there was a demand for just their recipe of outlandish stunt work and superspy tomfoolery. If we compare the last three MI films and the Bond films since 2006 it’s interesting to note where they differ in tone, even though Ethan Hunt suffered some seriously weird stuff too.


Yeah, that sense of fun is something I hope returns in Bond 26. The Craig films really came out as a reflection to a post 9/11 world, so it was understandable when CR came out that it had that dour tone to it.



Just a thought here, and we (or at least I) don’t know exactly what part Cavill is playing, but what if he’s put into a position to take over the franchise from Cruise down the line. Having missed out on Bond, maybe he’d be keen to take over an established rival franchise and try to make his own thing out of it.