Mission: Impossible 6


Oddly, I’ve read today something along the lines of ‘Cavill’s debut in the MI franchise’ and wondered if that meant he’d be back or was merely phrased open to interpretation to keep a sense of mystery about Cavill’s role…


I’d noticed that as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’d signed on for a recurring role in the franchise, especially given how tenuous the whole DCEU thing seems to get after each new film.


I would love that - although that would rule him out as a future Bond.


I’m not as against him as Bond these days as I used to be, but I think, depending on how much time passes between BOND 25 and 26, Cavill might age out of the running for Bond anyhow. He’ll be 36 when BOND 25 hits theaters, and assuming we get another 4 year break, he’ll be 40 in his debut Bond film.

It might actually make more sense for him to take over M:I if he’s so inclined. It’s a more consistent release schedule at this point, plenty of money can be made doing it, especially if Cruise remains involved in some capacity, and he wouldn’t have the weight of MGM’s financial problems holding things up each and every time out.


I suppose the Bond role now is something Cavill’s train passed through three towns ago, for better or worse. It’s much more likely somebody without the Superman baggage will take over - though I dare say Cavill would perhaps not entirely regret leaving that behind, too.

MI would be an opportunity to shine in a new original role, something he maybe could help develop while the marquee itself is well-established. If Cavill stayed on as a regular and he succeeded in replacing Cruise then he’d be hailed taking a huge hurdle with MI. As is Cruise looks almost as integral to the success of MI as Connery was in his time for 007.

Mere speculation, mind you.


On Graham Norton Show i think i recall it said that Cavill was the villain.


They said Cavill was the one chasing Cruise, not that he was necessarily the villain…


Wouldn’t necessarily be the first time Cruise’s character has been chased by those who are supposedly on his side in this franchise.


Ahead of the trailer tonight, Tom Cruise has released another still from the film. Looks like Ethan’s rock climbing skills will he put to good use again!


Can’t wait.


Yeah, good stuff. I also have read that Cavill is likely a villain.



That looks AMAZING!!!


That looks incredible.

EON really should take not of what Cruise has done with the M:I franchise. At this point, he’s pretty much running circles around what they’re doing with Bond.


That’s incredible. Truly special, everything about that clicks for me. Bring it!


I´m afraid you are absolutely right.

This looks and feels like Bond should.


Great trailer, with the same mix of spy intrigue and great stunts. Easily my most anticipated movie this year.


So…He goes rogue again. Cavill talking about how often that has happened to him made me laugh.


Does it have a bit of a SPECTRE REVISITED feel to it? Weird older guy talking ominously, helicopter stunt/airplane duel, beautiful European capital in atmospheric shots and road action, close quarters combat, motorboat action - I can’t help feeling there are a couple of familiar elements. This is really going to be interesting…

The ‘going rogue’ shtick, well, I’m not too fond of it. But if we’re totally honest here, that part was always MI’s default strategy from day one of the original tv series:

As always, should you or any of your I.M. Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

So in a way the entire IMF hullabaloo is always deniable, always rogue. The series just never went there. While the films know little else now…


My word; doesn’t that look accomplished.

This will be another intelligent and exciting entry to the MI series. Thoroughly looking forward to it.