Mission: Impossible 6


Looks absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to see it! I’m a big fan of the MI films


A close re-watch makes it clear that Cavill is at the very least adversarial toward Cruise if not a true villain.


I feel like that’s hard to determine from this trailer. In a few different shots it looks like they’re working together, and in the bathroom fight, its hard to tell with the quick cuts, but it looks like they’re both fighting the unknown Asian man in the grey suit, rather than fighting each other. There are also shots of them riding in the same car together. And then there are the final shots where it seems like Cavill is firing at the helicopter that Cruise is piloting, but of course could be cut together from different parts. My guess is he’ll be the Inspector Javert-type character that Kittridge and the Russian guy play in the first film and Ghost Protocol, respectively, except in a much more action-oriented way.


I agree that it could be cut in a way to deliberately mislead. I personally suspect that his character has been assigned to bring Hunt in and is simply doing his job. No doubt Cavill looks very convincing in action though.


Impressive is putting it mildly. I suspect there’s some quiet contemplation going on at Eon this morning and perhaps some reflection in the notion of “We used to do that and need to get back to the roots” sort of speculation. After now 22 years of the MI franchise and also maintaining their lead character and actor (and Damn if Cruise isn’t aging like a fine Cabernet) the series has really embraced the notion of practical filming with CGI being used as a corrective measure (removing safety harnesses) rather than creating an effect or inserting an actors face.

Now I see the tease of Cruise training for two years for a sequence. He learned to fly a helicopter as well as perform aerial maneuvers so that they could send him up and mount cameras so it’s (as seems to be his trademark) clearly with no doubt HIM actually doing it.

It also has a slick look and was lensed expertly giving it, if you will, the Bond polished finish.

Now, if the plot/story holds solid, this is what an old school spy film set in the modern day needs to be. I concur as a few have mentioned above that the IMF team has always been a rouge division and operated with a safety back-stop of deniability. As to Hunt’s own demons, they are addressed but almost in passing. If haunted, Hunt just throws himself into work it seems and detaches himself from anything other than the focus on the assignment. Bond of the novels did the same.

Anyway, Eon needs to jot down a few notes and, as Cubby told his little girl “Go back to Fleming… It’s all there.” but Fallout and MI have raised the bar.


This was taken over the weekend. He’s still having a hard time walking on that foot…


Blimey; is he acting that he doesn’t have a broken ankle? That’s pretty impressive.


Looks great and will help pass the time until Bond 25.

Here’s my crazy crack pot theory.

I would love it if Jon Voight was behind this door as the real Jim Phelps who’s been imprisoned for 25 years by an imposter who stole his identity and was the villian of the first film. Implausible? Yes. Impossible? No.

I would lose my goddamn mind if they retcon the first film like that. There’s 99% change that will not happen.


I’ve seen it theorized that Jim Phelps is the man handcuffed to the hospital bed, seen briefly in the trailer when Luther is restraining Ethan. Would be quite the twist!


It does look a bit like him.


This looks rather good doesn’t it? Anyone else got a Ronin vibe from the cinematography? Looks like a polished 90´s movie. Which is very, very interesting in this day and age. Starting a 90´s nostalgia movement like they did with the 80´s? I, for one, love it. And Cruise delivers, always, the man’s unstoppable. Such great locations in Paris, Le Grand Palais, Palais Royale, … So many great shots. Doesn’t even seem directed by the same guy who did RN. Such different styles all around. I hope they’ve kept the humour - seems like it from that “I find it best not to look” line, or something like that. Hope they’ve kept the fun element.


Its been a while since I’ve been this excited for a movie release. As others have pointed out, there really is a high quality sheen to this that you don’t really see anymore, and that sheen is largely the result of the MI folks doing so much in camera. We’ve been building toward this quality for the last few films, but I think this is the first time I’ve looked at MI and viewed it as legit action cinema royalty in the same weight class as Bond. I hope EON is inspired by what Cruise and co. are accomplishing here. These folks look to be on to something truly special.


Anyone else getting a QoS vibe? Watching the trailer I expected Lane to say “We have people everywhere, am I right?”


Apparently we’re getting a full featurette on the stunts tomorrow!


He looks a bit… silly… in that helicopter! :slight_smile:


I’m curious to find out if that shot of him on the motorcycle, hitting the side of the car and being thrown off, was real or CG…

Edit: found a video that answers my question!


Flying a helicopter for real, doing dangerous stunts… that impresses the hell out of me.


Evil Cavill 1
Evil Cavill 2

You know, the way that angry-Cavill is shooting at that helicopter which would appear to be Hunt’s make me jump to the conclusion that Cavill is indeed the villain…

Or is he doing a Han Solo and swooping in at the last moment to take out the villains trying to shoot down Hunt…

Hmm, i’m going with the former.



What a legend.