News on NO TIME TO DIE (no spoilers)

i’d say they have been working on bits and pieces assuming Romer is still composing, but safe to assume that it won’t have a Barry or TND Arnold level interpolation of the main theme

They certainly have assembled a rough cut (the recent pick up shots might have been a result from that or planned in advance for small details) and for that they will have put on a temp score (put together from other scores, but since Romer was announced a couple of months back he might have already put down some demos for it, too).

With a release date in April it will be important to have the film ready in March at the latest. Now, composers unfortunately most of the time have only a few weeks to do the score to the final edit. Which means: probably in February/early March the score has to be written and recorded. Which also means: they must have a composer (if not Romer) signed.

Since for the last three decades the song was mostly done by artists favored by the record label attached to the distributor it is unfortunately not a given for the score to use that melody. But I´m sure an artist has been chosen already and will be revealed as the next step in the PR strategy, probably in January. The song itself will be released in March (always ahead of the film).

If Romer indeed has been replaced or will be replaced in February (should his score be considered as not working) it will be highly interesting which composer can be brought in to work under this time constraint.

The Zimmer factory now has a connection to EON through “The Rhythm Section”, and since Hans & Co are team collaborators they can always be relied on to deliver on time. Personally, I rather like Zimmer when he has time and a director like Nolan who does not allow him to give greatest hits mixes…


We may get a more regular Bond films

James Bond will return in I-Phone 17


I hope we dont get the Zimmer factory - Zimmer himself is busy with Dune (Tenet is scored by Ludwig Goransson). I’m pretty sure Romer is still around and the rumours were just a bunch of wishful thinking from people who heard one score of his they didn’t like

That could very well be the case.

What would Christmas be without a NTTD rumor…

  1. Yesterday Cary Fukunaga began following Billie Eilish on Instagram

  2. Also yesterday, Billie Eilish posted a photo of her in London on Instagram

Speculate away…


Billie Eilish, that is the current Lana Del Rey, no?

Well, why not.


Plummeting towards 50 within the year I’ve obviously never heard of her.

After a quick search her tracks she seems to be pretty generic emo pop. There’s the slight hint of experimentation that’s promising, such as this one:

…and I can certainly see the studios wanting to add her brand and youth to this potentially geriatric (from a youth POV) Bond finale.

There’s also an uber feminine fragility to her voice that chimes with the female emphasis of the publicity to date.

In the canon she’s somewhere between Garbage and Sheena Easton. Could well happen.

Then again, CJF is a canny operator when it comes to social media and could well be having fun with a red herring (or should that be a red heroine?)


This past week Eilish did a cover of “New York, New York” for Apple TV’s The Morning Show. I didn’t want to risk posting a YouTube link of it here but you can easily search for it. Shows her range a little more…


YouTube links are okay. They are technically YouTube’s business - but get frequently broken when the content is removed.

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Does she ever really sing instead of hushing along in a constantly sulking little girl‘s whisper?

Shirley Bassey she ain‘t.


Her first song, when she was 13, apparently;

Very over-produced track, but she can hold a note when asked to.

IF she is a choice, the song is at the mercy of its production team.

As much as I loved Quantum, I thought Alicia Keyes and Jack White were terrible but apparently they managed to top themselves with that one. Bravo :clap:t2:

Adele was in the spotlight for a while and so was Sam Smith. Billie Eilish is a very seasonal affair. I would be genuinely surprised if EON went that route

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Hard to know, EON do seem to take pitches from people the director and studio want, which is where Radiohead’s Spectre came from. She may well have pitched, but odds are against us ever hearing it, even if she did.


I love shirley bassey but she is not necessarily the barometer of good music :wink:
Billie Eilish is fine - I’m not convinced that James Bond would particularly benefit from her participation, nor would she/her management see the value of associating her with James Bond (not convinced there is much crossover fanbase) - but give her an orchestra and a twangy guitar and im sure she could do just as good a job as Sam Smith.


I had forgotten…


Didn’t Smith brag about writing the song in 10 minutes? That’s a turn off to me.

haha i know i try to every day - but she genuinely seems perfectly talented - not exactly the right fit for Bond neccessarily, but shes young and creative and is doing well so kudos to her for that - shes actually not too dissimilar to Shirl when she started, in being young and provocative lyrically. I love that she doesn’t know or care who Van Halen are and wish I lived in such a world sometimes

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Was 20, but, in the context he said that, he wasn’t being literal. He was saying how much he’d always wanted to make a Bond theme, and had been discussing such a thing with co-writer for years.

Exaggerating to make a point.

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Though in hindsight it makes very different point to the one he intended.