News on NO TIME TO DIE (no spoilers)

Berlin premiere on April 1, so I’m guessing the Copenhagen gala isn’t an ‘official’ one with the cast attending per se…

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Knew this for quite a while, but the information was embargoed (hence my post a few weeks ago that the London premiere could only be on March 30th or 31st). Not certain if I’ll go to both London and Berlin, depends (but not only) on availability of tickets.

PSA: TICKETS ON SALE NOW at select Odeon cinemas. No central London venues available yet including BFI IMAX or Odeon Leicester Square


What are all the stuff everybody know being marketed in No Time To Die. As it get closer to release the date. Are there any thing that are real tactical stuff, like the pants and gloves. What about smartphone.

Any tie-in stuff coming out, that one see at Hot Topic, Game Stop, Target, Barnes And Noble, Go Toys And Games, mom and pop collector shops and local comic book stores?


Just checked: 25€ for a seat on the upper rows (which are very high up…) and not even the larger screen but merely the traditional screen. That will have to be without me.

Grand Rex also just announced a Craig era marathon on Sunday, April 5, culminating with a NTTD preview. Which according to them, is 185 mins long…


Thanks for the info. When I went to check their website this morning, there was nothing yet on that.

That could be very nice indeed. I did the “Rambo marathon” there, and it was a great experience. Will definitely think about this one…

tickets on sale widely in France, with national previews simultaneous with the Paris premiere on April 3

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Apologies for double post…seems like there will be a 3D version in some markets:

Pathe NL has the film at 3h10 including ads/trailer so…165 mins looking more and more likely.

Also, made a thing about the IMAX of it all - book wisely…


Germen cinemas are advertising it with “ca. 165 minutes”.

Down from the 174 we heard before…

And just at the limit for IMAX 70mm prints…

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This suggests they trimmed and shaved it to IMAX requirements. Also, not such a big leap from the three hour mark; this probably could have ended at 180 minutes had they not wanted to keep inside the limit.

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So there’s the vague, tenuous hope of a directors cut, or at least a lot of deleted scenes on blu ray.

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Yeah, this seems about right. I think this is the runtime. 2 hours 45 minutes is still a long movie in anyone’s language.

I hate that we are possibly getting less of a movie in order to kowtow to IMAX.

But…sometimes less is more.

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Not so sure about that. Watching SP felt like a lifetime…

Ta dum! Just kidding! :slight_smile:

Don’t think it is necessarily about kowtowing to them! If it was indeed shortened to fit within the IMAX 70mm limit, this would be something they were willing to do so the film could actually get prints in the format Fukunaga and Sandgren shot it for.

Endgame wasn’t shortened at all but that was shot digitally and didn’t necessitate film prints…

Unrelated to anything, but I had a genuine nightmare last night. I was watching NTTD on a small cinema screen, with really low sound, and the audience was talking. I went and sat closer to the screen, and told people to shut up, but nothing improved. Then they had an intermission. Worst dream ever!