No Time to Die theme song

It could be because I’ve been listening to the song repeatedly in longing anticipation for the film, but I’m at the point where I prefer Billie’s song to Adele’s. Like both of course. But Billie’s song really works for me, especially everything from “I let it burn” onwards. REALLY looking forward to seeing it play against Kleinman’s visuals.


I haven’t listened to it since March - I’m giving it a rest until the movie release date nears.

Listening to it these days I always think: what a downer.

I still love it, but haven’t listened to it in a while. It depresses me to think that we’d be approaching No Time To Die’s home media release had the pandemic not screwed with the world.


The lyrics actually speak to me more personally than any of the other Bond songs in the 2000s.


Eilish’s song getting a 7" ice-coloured vinyl release - out on James Bond Day, October 5

And there’s a limited edition from Billie’s website too


That’s one way to re-release it.

So no CD?

There apparently will be a CD in Japan too.


Great! I just ordered one vinyl version.
Does anyone know how and where to order a Japanese cd version?

New acoustic performance of NTTD from NPR’s World Cafe

Full interview

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Official music video dropping 5pm UK time tomorrow


For those wondering - Kleinman directed the music video according to Variety.


Wonder if this is any indication of what the opening credits may look like–possibly all black & white?

I think so…

Rodrigo Prieto (Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, Silence, The Irishman) was the DoP on the music video


Recieved the vinyl single yesterday. Beautiful item.

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Found a different “exclusive Ice” (?) version on Amazon. Ordered that one too.

There is now a Japanese cd single version available:

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After becoming only the second Bond theme to reach No. 1 in the UK singles chart (after Sam Smith), I wonder if it will get to No. 1 for a 2nd time when the movie comes out next year?