The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game


Trevelyan’s countdown when arming the second Goldeneye satellite IIRC.


Getting closer. A tiny bit more recent still.


Another hint: It’s not said by a major character. In fact, I’m not sure whether the character has a name.


Disembodied voice counting down the cruise missile launch while Stamper is pinned under it in TND?


So SO close! Only about 100 minutes away!

It’s basically yours, AMC, but you get extra credit if you can nail it exactly.


Then it must be the countdown for the launching of HMS Chester’s cruise missile at the beginning of TND (was it Hugh Bonneville?).
“I can see everything M said about you is right.”


Bond to Kerim Bey in FRWL when they are spying on the Russian Consulate? :sunglasses:
I’m pretty certain it is, so if that is correct, then.

"Check the bow and give me a damage report!! "


An extra/minor player in LTK after Pam crashes into the dock?


Yes indeed…your turn! :slightly_smiling_face:


“This is James Bond.”


Koskov presenting Bond to the commander of the airbase in Afghanistan.




Paris introducing Bond to Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies?




Gregory Beam identifying the cellphone image of Bond in QoS?




The trailer to Dr. No?__


Nope… Clue: It’s not a Connery Bond film.


But it’s from one of the films?


Rule #1 at the top of the page covers this.

It’s not a deleted scene, it’s not a trailer, it’s not an interview. It’s not some “The Making Of” documentary.

I’m surprised this one has people so baffled…