The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game


I’m stumped. If it’s in fact not Bond talking, then it’s someone either introducing or identifying him, and I can’t think of a scene where that happens using those words.


“Not necessarily Bond” isn’t the same as “absolutely not Bond.”


Nope, still stumped.


Telephone scene. An actual telephone scene in the era before mobiles/cell phones.


I’ve racked my brain and can’t think of a scene where Bond is on the phone and identifies himself in exactly those words. I can remember variations of “Bond here” or “This is Mr. Bond” (Roger talking to room service in LALD), but I’m blank on any time he says “This is James Bond.” It’s probably right in front of me (metaphorically) and I’m not seeing it, or rather hearing it.


Since we’re over a month… Here’s another clue: It’s not a Roger Moore Bond film either.


It has to be either Jimmy Bond in Casino Royale '54 or one of the false James Bonds in Casino Royale '67?


OHMSS. Bond’s call to Draco from his office. “I’d like to interest you in a demolition deal that requires certain aerial activity to install equipment.”


That’s what I thought too, but I watched and he says, “Bond, James Bond” and not “This is James Bond.”


Just to make sure… it isn’t OHMSS when Lazenby answers the phone in his office “James Bond here.”?


I didn’t misquote anything. “The Dove”, tho’, is on the right track…


Ok…for my first guest of the new year…Is it Vesper Lynd introducing Evelyn Tremble / James Bond in CR '67?




Jimmy Bond answering a threatening phone call in the casino in CR '54?


…or Barry Nelson calling the chef de partie at the casino to confirm his security detail before the game.


Two and a half bloody months! :wink: Your turn, AMC!


It was Dove, really - he’s such a pleasure to follow…

“Not here.”


Hai Fat telling Nick Nack not to fork around with Bond?


I wouldn’t have put it quite that way, sir…

But, take it away, MajorB - here’s to the next two and a half bloody months…


I suspect it’ll be shorter than that . . .