The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game


Kronsteen in FRWL? “Impossible. It was perfect.”

Or Kamran Shah in TLD? “I need a gun and some guides.” “Impossible.”


Excellent guesses! But not what I had in mind.


The henchman in TWINE to Bond? “I want to see Valentin Zukovsky.” “Impossible.”

Or Shane Rimmer in TSWLM? “My God. She’s right behind us. Impossible.”

Or Tiger Tanaka in YOLT? “Impossible! Too well defended!”


Wow! That was quite a shotgun blast of guesses!

You got it on the last one–Tiger feeling outmanned, despite having just dropped like 300 ninjas into Blofeld’s volcano.

It’s yours, Glidrose.


… or the next 73 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I’m very sorry.”


Gogol to Anja Amasova about her boyfriend that died?


No. (The board won’t let me post “no…” and keeps asking “Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?”)


Bond to Melina Havelock?


Still no.


One of the mourners to Elekra King at Sir Robert’s funeral in The World Is Not Enough?


Still no.


Bond to Madeleine?


Still no.


Bond to Camille apologizing for ruining her attempt to kill Medrano?



Here’s a clue: “I’m very” is clearly heard. But “sorry” isn’t, in fact the speaker mumbles the word so much so that some may quibble and say we can’t be sure what that third word is, other than it begins with a sibilant…


One of the mourners to Lucia Sciarra? I’m grasping at straws at this point.


Still no.

Wow, I’ve really stumped everyone. Over three months now.

Here’s another clue. The speaker starred in That 70’s show… but not the one you’re thinking about. And some may quibble with the dates.


Doesn’t seem to have sparked any brilliance out here in the hinterlands. Perhaps something a little less ELLIPSIStical?


Group scene. American actress.


Stacey Sutton?