Welcome to the new CBn forums!


Overall I like the new site. The look is sleeker and neater, and it’s easier to recognize new content. I’m still getting used to the chronological scrolling thingamajig, but the design is pretty intuitive on the whole.


I had no idea this was taking place! It’ll definitely take some getting used to, but it was time for a change. Looks good folks!


I’m afraid that a lot of CBners don’t know about the migration, or aren’t sure about the location of the new site. I myself was totally in the dark until I did some googling. Looking at the old CBn site, there doesn’t appear to be any information about the new site, its url, or anything.


That ‘like’ thingy…

We’ve been apprehensive of this feature from the go, for obvious reasons from past experience. Two things made us keep it: it’s a ‘positive’ feature without any consequence for members and it’s limited so not even juvenile users - which we haven’t - can go on a spree.

So why not kill it off dead in its tracks?

Because there are cases in which I can signal my ‘like’, my support or just taking notice of some entry without having to post actually. Like welcoming a new member or showing I like a fan creation. Here the feature is a handy device without doing harm, that’s why we have it.


We’re trying to figure how it works exactly, ourselves. There’s a feature running in the background that monitors people’s activities (posts read, replies given, likes given and received etc.) and upgrades their abilities depending on that (such as the number of likes one may give per day).

Most of this is new to the staff, too :wink:


The announcement appears on top of any page in the old forums, and there’s also a thread in the CBn News & Updates category. Also, most members should have received an invitation by now.


Is there a post-counter anywhere?


Great to see you all here on the new forums!

Yes, there’s a stats section on your new profile which lists ‘posts created’.


I still don’t see anything, either on the front page or the forums, except for a post by Dustin yesterday in the “BOND 25 confirmed for 2019 release” thread. I haven’t received any invitation. I happened to notice a few days ago that I couldn’t reply to any threads, and managed to find this site by googling.


Did you use the desktop mode for the old place? The banner is not shown in mobile access mode.


I saw the notice about the forums moving, and I got an email.

Hopefully all the old members will slowly make their way over. Though I see some of my favourites are already here!


I just tried it in incognito mode and now I see the banner. Apparently it was blocked by one of my browser extensions.


I should have made the ‘moving’ thread a sticky, didn’t think of it at the time.

Anyway, glad you found your way here.


I think a lot of peoples’ ad-blocking extensions are blocking the message on the old forums telling them to come over here. I only saw it when I had turned off the extension temporarily for another reason and happened to go to the old forum for some reason.

With regards to the invites, I think that some might have had theirs go into their Spam or Junk folders in their respective email accounts. I didn’t know about my invite for a while because I hadn’t checked my Spam folder, so I wouldn’t be surprised if others had a similar issue.

Also, one thing I’ve noticed over the past day or two is that the thread title (as well as the search icon and the menu buttons to the left of your avatar) in the black header at the top of the page have changed color to a shade of grey that can make them difficult to read against the darker background. When you’re on the main forum page, the CBn header logo is visible just fine, but once you go into an actual thread, the titles become a bit more difficult to read due to the shade of grey that they are displayed in.


Thanks for the feedback @dalton

There should be a way around the ad-blocking issue (tech staff will have a look into it), but unfortunately, we can’t do much about the invitations being considered as spam by some systems.

As for the colours, we’re currently testing a few “things” regarding the “look & feel”. This place is as new to us as it is to you (No, not really, we had some time to play with it, but theres some things and some issues that only show in a running forum), but we’re getting into it more and more.


Yes, effectively we’re still a bit in sandbox mode with the details, so the odd thing or two will doubtlessly change as we all grow accustomed to the Quarterdeck.


Yes, I’ve noticed that too. Perhaps a simple fix would be to make the thread title a brighter colour than the background tab to stand out more when one is in the thread and reading through it or posting in it. Don’t know how easy or difficult that is of course. Speaking purely from the relative comfort of my armchair here though. :sunglasses:


No problem. :slight_smile: Not much, of course, can be done about the spam thing. I also have no idea how widespread that could be, I just know that it happened in my case, so it’s a possible reason for those who have said that they haven’t gotten an invite to look into.


Brightened it up. Better now?


Ah, yes. That’s better! Thank you very much, @stromberg. That’s what I call service! :smiley: